• Coverage of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Technologies for Utility and Pipeline Application
    June 29, 2021
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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David Willoughby will present “Software Training: Horizontal Directional Drilling PowerTool (HDDPT) and HDD Lite” on
June 29, 2021.

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Technical Toolboxes’  Horizontal Directional Drilling PowerTool (HDDPT) is part of a comprehensive solution for HDD. It is a suite of modules that provide HDD design validation solutions. HDDPT includes tools for the design and construction phase of HDD, whether the project is for liquid or gas pipelines or cable conduits. It gives you calculations for drill path design and planning.  Moreover, the HDDPT provides modules to monitor drilling or pulling operations and analyzes the likelihood of borehole collapse.

Course Description

The Horizontal Directional Drilling Power Tool (HDDPT) class is offered as a 3-hour course that provides coverage of the proper application of the various modules in the HDDPT platform. The class is geared to provide the student with the knowledge of how to use the various HDDPT modules in support of their HDD projects. The class will cover each of the HDDPT modules and provide examples of the input data, calculations and reporting for each module.  The training also includes the HDD Lite modules.

Course Objective

This class is not designed to train students in horizontal directional drilling (HDD).  A separate course is available for that purpose. The objective of this class is to teach HDD designers and engineers how to effectively use the HDDPT modules and HDD Lite modules in support of their HDD projects.

Horizontal Directional Drilling PowerTool (HDDPT)

  • Drilling Fluid Quantity Requirements
  • Settlement Analysis
  • Drilling Fluids – Frictional Pressure Loss
  • PE Pipe – Pull Force and Installation Stresses (Specific Radius of Curvature
  • PE Pipe – Pull Force & Installation Stress
  • ATL – Allowable Tensile Load for PE Pipe During Pull-in Installation
  • PE Pipe – Post Installation Loads and Deflection
  • Pull Force & Installation Stresses -Vertical
  • Pull Force & Installation  Stresses – Vertical and Horizontal Plane
  • Operational Stress – Steel Pipe
  • Installation of Cables in Conduits and Pipes
  • Maximum Allowable and Minimum Required Mud Pressure


HDD Steel Lite Pipe
Pull Force & Installation Stresses – Vertical
Pull Force & Installation stresses – Vertical and Horizontal Plane
Operational Stress – Steel Pipe
HDD Lite Plastic Pipe


15 Day Trial of HDDPT and HDD Lite


“Incredibly knowledgeable.”
“David is very good and patient with answering any questions.”
“Excellent and knowledgeable, great examples used.”
“Examples were great. I think everything was covered that I needed to know.”
“Good webinar.”
“Excellent session/Information…”

Instructor Bio

David A. Willoughby, RK&K Director, Energy & Corrosion (ret)

Mr. Willoughby has 40 years of experience in engineering, pipeline design, corrosion control, and management in the petroleum and utilities pipeline industry. His experience includes gas transmission and distribution systems, petroleum facilities, and water/sewer pipelines from conception through design, construction and testing, economic evaluation, and project field supervision. Mr. Willoughby has been responsible for the design, permitting, inspection, and construction administration of numerous horizontal directional drills (HDD) on pipeline projects. Mr. Willoughby is author of several articles and two books published by McGraw-Hill; Plastic Piping Handbook, 2002 and Horizontal Directional Drilling, 2005.

Mr. Willoughby provides HDD training to the pipeline and utility industries. He has presented HDD training to the engineering workshop at the N.C. Utilities Commission Office of Pipeline Safety Conference, Southern Gas Association Annual Conference and teaches several HDD programs a year for a broad list of clients such as Equitable Resources, Dominion Energy, FERC, National Gas Company of Trinidad, Public Service of NC, Exxon Pipeline, Shell Oil, Atlanta Gas and Light, Dominion Transmission, Columbia Gas Transmission, Colonial Pipeline, Questar Gas Company, Kansas Gas Services, HT Engineering, etc. Mr. Willoughby’s HDD training is used to provide Professional Development Hours (PDU) for professional engineers in many states, including Texas.


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