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Technical Toolboxes is committed to customer success, and that begins with the distribution of knowledge.

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The mission of Technical Toolboxes is to empower you to set new standards of compliance, and to achieve the highest levels of productivity while ensuring quality, maximizing your pipeline engineering solution’s return on investment. 

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For Technical Support, Software Unlocks or Trials please click the Submit a Support Ticket button to the left, complete the ticket process, and a representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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Our Service Desk is available to assist! Please visit us HERE. We also have a toll-free phone number 1-866-866-6766

We take the guessing out of problem-solving. When you create a ticket, it connects you to our entire Support Department, our network of resources, and subject-matter experts instantly. We also have a growing Knowledge Base of product, and industry-related source feeds.

The terms and conditions of the Technical Toolboxes Support Policies can be reviewed here.

Windows 7 Support

In light of Microsoft’s decision to stop support of Windows 7 in early 2020, Technical Toolboxes will not issue Windows 7 compatibility patches in response to Support Desk tickets going forward.  However, we will continue to support our products in accordance with existing contracts and continue to offer options for any affected clients to upgrade to a more recent version of Technical Toolboxes’ product(s).

Please refer to Microsoft’s website for information and support questions.

Yes. We offer a variety of industry training that awards Professional Development Hours. We also have a customer on-boarding process to help familiarize users with our products and their functions/capabilities. Our Subject-Matter Experts are here to assist! See the website training page  for the dates and locations.