Course Instructor

Ashwini Chandra

Subject Matter Expert (SME)- Ashwini Chandra

Mr. Ashwini Chandra is a senior engineer within DNV’s research laboratory based in Columbus, Ohio.  He joined DNV after his tenure at The Ohio State University as a graduate research associate.  While at DNV, Ashwini’s responsibilities have led to the development of expertise in electrochemical and characterization techniques with a focus on materials and corrosion-related challenges in the oil and gas industry.
The projects have included work on the adsorption behavior of corrosion inhibitors, galvanic corrosion, carbon dioxide corrosion, coating evaluation, hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking susceptibility, and AC corrosion susceptibility of materials.  More recently, Mr. Chandra has managed a Joint Industry Project with 7 industrial partners from Oil and Gas Majors and equipment manufacturers, executed several projects related to materials qualification for offshore oil and gas development projects, and is currently pursuing studies on the effect of hydrogen-methane blends on fatigue properties of line pipe steels.

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