Encroachment and Crossing Engineers



Pipeline engineers who are responsible for issues of encroachment and pipeline crossing must make complex calculations to find safe ways to mitigate encroachments and allow equipment to safely cross pipelines. The need for such analysis can arise at a moment’s notice and requires a quick response. The workflow automation offered by Technical Toolboxes helps crossing engineers get high-trust answers within minutes, so teams can feel confident that they are adhering to industry and regulatory standards and maintaining the highest levels of quality and productivity.

Pipeline Encroachment and Crossing Challenges

Responding to Events

With Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) and Pipeline Toolbox, you can recall the key asset data and analysis history and report the same day.

Data Storage

You spend days and weeks gathering critical information from disparate sources.

With Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) and Pipeline Toolbox, you upload data into your pipeline library one time and it becomes available to all your authorized users.

Encroachment and Crossings

With Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) and Pipeline Toolbox, you have data at your fingertips, so you can quickly update decisions and terms based on changing field conditions.

Knowledge Retention

Teams have separate databases and do not know if a data set is already available.

Technical Toolboxes helps you retain important information about the design, construction, operation, and integrity management, independent of any individual employee, making onboarding new employees easier.

Data Automation

Low-quality data and calculation errors add risk and increase your QC workload.

Technical Toolboxes automates quality controls, unifies data storage, and controls calculation parameters so you can deliver accurate results consistently.

Failed Audits

The HUBPL gathers data in one structured database library, so you can find data and analysis history quickly, to deliver answers consistently and respond to regulators rapidly.

Technical Toolboxes Solutions for Pipeline Crossing Engineers

The solutions from Technical Toolboxes deliver results in terms of standards, quality, and productivity. These solutions help you minimize the risk associated with encroachment on your pipeline, consistency, and compliance with Federal regulations. Finally, they dramatically improve the return on investment for the pipeline operators and service providers that implement them.

The risks associated with errors are more than financial: The worst incidents devastate the environment and cause injuries or deaths. It pays to have the best-in-class solution on tap when you design your pipeline or determine service crossing permissions.


Pipeline Toolbox provides industry-standard calculations to assess loads and stresses on buried pipelines for both wheeled and tracked vehicles, on bare earth, highways, or railways. This module determines acceptable loads on pipeline assets and prevents overloading that could affect pipe integrity and prove costly to repair.

The HUBPL connects your data to our library of industry tools. You can reduce manual data entry, typos, and time spent data mining by having Pipeline Toolbox pre-populate inputs for you, simplifying the human effort to assess encroachment threats/risks.

Busy operations engineers often answer hundreds, or thousands, of requests for crossings and encroachment each year. Tools such as the Pipeline Toolbox help to remove the friction that delays the process. With it, a case study was done with a prominent North American operator that showed over 70% time savings. This frees your valuable engineering team to seek and develop new and exciting design and operational improvements for your company.

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Case Study: How One Company Manages Pipeline Crossing Permissions

Download the free case study to find out how one customer uses Pipeline Toolbox. The Company manages how neighbors and can cross over oil and gas pipelines all across North America. By replacing an in-house system, they saved time and millions in capital, while liberating engineers for more urgent tasks.

The Case Study tells you:

  • Why Technical Toolbox software outperforms in-house solutions
  • What the Company gains from PLTB specifically 
  • What PLTB has done for the team that uses it
  • How the Company’s success exemplifies experience across the industry

The Industry Standard for Pipeline Engineering Calculations for Over 20 Years

The Pipeline Encroachment and Crossing Solution Buyers Guide

Choosing the right Pipeline Solution means having enough information to make an informed decision. That is why Technical Toolboxes created the Pipeline Encroachment and Crossing Solution Buyers Guide. This Free Encroachments and Crossing Solution Buyers’ Guide explores all of the factors involved in selecting the right software tools for pipeline design and operation. Learn what matters most in making operational crossing decisions and dealing with other encroachment issues. Download the Guide to find out:

  • Why dedicated solutions deliver more value for pipeline operators
  • The cardinal dimensions of successful encroachment solutions
  • The role of industry and government standards
  • Why the way you store your data matters
  • What capabilities lead to the most significant gains and savings
  • How consistent calculation methods protect your company

The Industry Standard for Pipeline Engineering Calculations for Over 20 Years