The Corrosion Suite

Manage Corrosion Across the Entire Pipeline Lifecycle

Corrosion Suite

The Corrosion Suite provides engineering teams focused on pipeline corrosion with the tools they need to model, mitigate, and manage corrosion from design and construction, through operation and integrity to record keeping.

Through the HUBPL platform’s value-added tools, each of these software solutions can share data and entities between each other through one centralized data repository, so the need for repetitive manual data input is greatly reduced when compared to point solutions and internal spreadsheets, and all engineers are aligned using the same data and calculations.

Benefits of the Corrosion Suite

  • Over 230 pipeline engineering calculations used by engineering teams on a consistent basis with several corrosion-specific modules in the Pipeline Toolbox.
  • A streamlined tool using the RSTRENG method to determine the remaining strength of externally corroded pipe called RSTRENG+. It automates the Zero Out method to determine effective lengths and to simulate repaired pipe and resulting failure pressure.
  • An advanced application to analyze underground pipelines near electric transmission towers to truly understand, model, and mitigate the corrosive effects of AC-induced current called the AC Mitigation PowerTool.
  • All tools are GIS integrated to provide visual representations of pipeline assets and automated elevation import.
  • Automated report generation with a click of a button to fulfill TVC (traceable, verifiable, complete) documentation.
  • A centralized data repository for pipeline assets and reports.

Corrosion Cases Study 12 Years Apart Reveal Milestones in Pipeline Engineering Digital Integration

The battle against corrosion is never-ending. However, the tools with which engineers wage battle with it are changing fast. This free downloadable case study builds from two actual investigations in corrosion in one pipeline network, twelve years apart. It points out the constant factors and entirely new technology. Suppose your role is in pipeline design and construction, corrosion, integrity, or risk management. This case study paints a picture of how the industry is changing.

In it you will read about:

  • The IT forces that are transforming the industry
  • State of the art 12 years ago versus today
  • All of the advancements since then
  • Why Digital Oilfield matters to pipeline engineers
  • How new capabilities give you the competitive edge
  • And what digital integration means for corrosion solutions

What Our Customers Say About the Corrosion Suite

The AC Mitigation PowerTool software allowed a pipeline engineer to optimize a mitigation strategy specifically to reduce the amount of material required to construct a new system extension. Using the AC Mitigation PowerTool, the engineer easily ran different mitigation models with varying inputs to determine which solution provided the best option in a single day, allowing the company she worked for to lower its overall construction costs. The model also enabled the company to reduce the amount of new mitigation ribbon and equipment installed in the ground by modeling the effects of its current grounding systems, saving even more money on the project. Ultimately, this ability to easily compare builds and run different models resulted in the company saving an additional 15% on the overall cost of the project.

Pipeline Engineer

A company anticipated elevated AC potentials on their pipeline, which warranted an investigation to determine whether a newly constructed section of pipeline would require mitigation. The company requested that an internal expert investigate the new system to make a risk prioritization assessment. Using the AC Mitigation PowerTool, the engineer was able to determine which mitigation model, material, and equipment would reduce the risk of AC corrosion and shock hazards to an acceptable level. The operating company was able to focus on specific field investigations that both ensured the safety of pipeline personnel and reduced the risk of AC corrosion on the pipeline. Because the owners were able to use an in-house pipeline expert to run the AC Mitigation PowerTool mitigation analysis, they saved time and the thousands of dollars it would have cost to hire a third-party engineering firm.

Pipeline Operator

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