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Before a pipeline can be built, design engineers must choose the materials, systems, operating parameters, configurations, and construction methods for a pipeline in a way that ensures reliability, profitability, and safety for decades to come. When a pipeline is damaged, they are responsible for creating a solution as quickly as possible. The integrated operations functionality of Technical Toolboxes’ platform helps design engineers work seamlessly with functional teams throughout the pipeline lifecycle.  This helps teams adhere to industry and regulatory standards, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and productivity. Technical Toolboxes reduces design engineers’ administrative workload by up to 30 percent, so they can devote more time to engineering pipelines that are commissioned faster, with better run-time and overall safety.

Specific Challenges for Pipeline Design Engineers

Solutions by Role

Knowledge Retention

Retiring and transferring employees take their valuable operational knowledge with them.

Technical Toolboxes helps you retain important information about the design, construction, operation, and integrity management, independent of any individual employee, making onboarding new employees easier.

SOP Alignment

Teams interpret SOPs differently, causing errors and duplicating workloads.

Technical Toolboxes integrates your databases and brings your operations into a unified set of Standard Operating Procedures and Engineering Standards.

Data Storage

You spend days and weeks gathering critical information from disparate sources.

With Pipeline HUB (HUBPL), you can do less data mining and more engineering by making information available to all your authorized users.

Vast Pipeline Networks

Tens of thousands of miles of pipelines mean that data resides in offices across the continent.

Technical Toolboxes stores your pipeline data in a unified library in the cloud, so the users that need it have fast access and consistent results.

Software Compatibility

Data captured in one system has to be manually entered into the applications that analyze it.

The HUBPL is an integrated solution that connects your data to a library of engineering tools from various industry leaders, streamlining the manual effort required to deliver the analyses.

Data Duplication

Teams tend to get siloed, and do not know what has already been evaluated.

The collaborative environment within the Pipeline HUB from Technical Toolboxes enables you to leverage the work of others through a library of shared data and case histories.

Technical Toolboxes Solutions for Pipeline Designers

Technical Toolboxes gives you intuitive and fast solutions to growing industry challenges for oil and gas pipeline design. While other solutions may take days or even weeks to yield results when our tools can deliver results in minutes, or hours; solutions offered by Technical Toolboxes are created by pipeline engineers for pipeline engineers.


HDDPT helps your pipeline engineers account for pipe design, stress, and safety of the pullback effort in your bore design, as well as mud management during drilling. You can trust the calculations it gives you for the pull forces on the pipeline. Therefore, you can maximize pull-load and eliminate failures during drilling and pipeline installation.
Combining the PRCI AC Mitigation engine with Technical Toolboxes’ workflow automation and geospatial analysis enables you to quickly assess the effect of AC current from overhead power-lines and faulted towers on buried pipelines.
Yes. With the GIS integration offered by Technical Toolboxes, the three types of mitigation in the mitigation design portion of PRCI’s AC-Mitigation Toolbox are shown on the map. If all three, or only two, are used for a section, each will be displayed. You have a map of the affected areas and you can select pipe sections in your network for individual analysis
There are more than 10 separately licensed software products that integrate with HUBPL and can be bundled into tiered packages.  You can combine any or all of them on one dashboard for all of your pipeline engineering needs. Some of the available choices include Pipeline Toolbox, HDD PowerTool, AC Mitigation PowerTool, PRCI RSTRENG®, PRCI AC Mitigation Toolbox, Geospatial Analysis, and many others.

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