The Integrity Suite

Manage Integrity Across the Entire Pipeline Lifecycle

The Integrity Suite provides engineering teams focused on pipeline integrity with the tools they need to manage pipeline integrity from design and construction, through operation and integrity, to record keeping. Through the HUBPL platform’s value-added tools, each of these software solutions can share data and entities between each other through one centralized data repository, so the need for repetitive manual data input is greatly reduced when compared to point solutions and internal spreadsheets, and all engineers are aligned using the same data and calculations.

Benefits of the Integrity Suite

  • Over 230 pipeline engineering calculations used by engineering teams on a consistent basis with several crossings-specific modules in the Pipeline Toolbox.
  • An intuitive semi-automated and GIS integrated design, planning, and verification application for pipeline pressure testing called the Hydrotest PowerTool.
  • An intuitive data analytics tool that compares current and historical ILI (in line inspection) data to identify trends and anomalies called Investigative Dig. This application is still in development and is currently included free of charge as part of the Integrity Suite to invite feedback and drive early adoption.
  • All tools are GIS integrated to provide visual representations of pipeline assets and automated elevation importation through the ESRI Map feature.
  • Automated report generation with a click of a button to fulfill TVC (traceable, verifiable, complete) documentation.
  • A centralized data repository for pipeline assets and reports through the Navigator and Report Builder features, so that when one pipeline asset is configured, it can be plugged into any tool on the HUBPL, and any associated fields can be auto-populated from the configured data.

Solutions to Integrity Challenges

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