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Encroachment Manager is a complete solution. Pipeline network cost and risk reduction and digital transformation relating to activity in the right-of-way. It brings encroachments into the Integrated Data Environment of the Pipeline HUB (HUBPL).  It breaks down the barriers to information-sharing that hold back collaboration and drain management and engineering time. Finally, pipeline engineers, operators, and service providers have a tool that simplifies pipeline data management. Now your users can collaborate freely; accessing all relevant data from one central storage on the HUBPL facilitates digital transformation for pipeline engineers, operators, and contractors, with TVC records that align with the PHMSA Mega Rule.

Engineering Workflow Challenges

Improving SOP Alignment

Teams interpret SOPs differently, causing errors and duplicating workloads.

Pipeline Toolbox gives you a platform that integrates your databases and brings your operations into a unified set of Standard Operating Procedures.

Structured for Data Storage

You spend days and weeks gathering critical information from disparate sources.

With Encroachment Manager on the Pipeline HUB (HUBPL), upload data into your pipeline library once to make it available to all your authorized users.

Accelerate Crossing Decisions

Frequent 3rd-party pipeline-crossing requests overwhelm your engineering resources.

Technical Toolboxes has the digital tools you need to make faster go/no-go crossing decisions quickly with set terms and conditions you can trust.

Improve Quality Control

High-value engineers spend many hours doing quality control work and data management.

Encroachment Manager on the Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) automates the data upload and QC process, and it remains available to users until you remove it.

Trust in Analyses

Low-quality data and input/calculation errors add risk and increase your QC workload.

Technical Toolboxes automates quality controls, unifies data storage, and controls calculation parameters, so you deliver accurate results reliably and consistently.

Respond to Audits

Technical Toolboxes gathers data and analysis history in one structured database library, so you can find your data and adapt your calculations quickly to deliver answers consistently and rapidly.

Integrating Midstream Data With Pipeline HUB

To be competitive in midstream oil and gas, pipeline engineers, operators, and service providers require a best-in-class solution to manage activities in the right-of-way. Encroachment Manager is a unified software solution with which to manage encroachments. It leverages the power of digital transformation to share data, simplify analyses, and align documentation with the traceable, verifiable, and complete (TVC) standards mandated by the PHMSA Mega Rule. The application is a unique solution in that regard. As a part of the HUBPL Integrated Data Environment, it decreases costs and increases organizational efficiency while mitigating risks. It achieves this remarkable standard by streamlining the processes that produce TVC-compliant records. Encroachment Manager is a transformative application for organizations that operate in the pipeline right-of-way.


Encroachment Manager’s automation feature automatically records time, notes, and documentation that provides transparency and oversight. You will always know who did what and when and how long each activity took. 

The tool’s data management and integration features ensure that geographically dispersed teams communicate and collaborate effectively, thus enabling increased productivity and efficient workflows. 

One of the benefits is that it automates many processes while generating traceability within its record-keeping. Therefore, by simply using its recording features, your organization is compliant with many industry standards. 

It takes the guesswork out of payroll. The solution’s easy-to-use features grant users access to Quick Buttons that record time and critical notes, allowing the quick calculation of time, pay rates, and payroll. 

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Download the Overview Infographic

The Encroachment Manager Overview gives you what Encroachment Manager is, what it does, what is included, and how it benefits engineers and operators. Encroachments demand tremendous time and attention, whether it is the movement of heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles, blasting, or any other construction activities within the restricted land along a pipeline path. These challenges consume pipeline engineering time and attention.

Download the infographic to see:

  • What Encroachment Manager does for project managers and engineers
  • The ways Encroachment Manager benefits pipeline engineers and operators
  • How Encroachment Manager helps you achieve significant gains
  • Which tools and options are included in Encroachment Manager

The Industry Standard for Pipeline Engineering Calculations for Over 20 Years

Download the ROI Guide

The Encroachment Manager ROI Guide illuminates the tool’s tremendous potential. The guide shows where Encroachment Manager reduces risks, saves time, and increases efficiency, transforming financial calculations and solving the practical challenges that encroachment engineers face today. It includes quantitative and qualitative examples of how Encroachment Manager improves data-driven decision-making. 

The examples explain how the tool:

  • Improves data-driven decision-making
  • Reduces audit and litigation risk
  • Saves time and increases efficiency
  • Transforms the ROI equation for encroachments
  • Solves the challenges of encroachments

The Industry Standard for Pipeline Engineering Calculations for Over 20 Years