The Crossings Suite

Manage Pipeline Crossings Across their Entire Lifecycle

The Crossings Suite

The Crossings Suite provides engineering teams focused on pipeline crossings with the GIS integrated tools they need to manage pipeline crossings, from designing, through operation and integrity, to record-keeping and encroachment management.

Through the HUBPL platform’s value-added tools, each of these software solutions can share data and entities between each other through one centralized data repository, so the need for repetitive manual data input is greatly reduced when compared to standalone point solutions or internal spreadsheets, and all engineers are aligned using the same data and calculations across the organization.

Benefits of the Crossings Suite

  • Over 230 pipeline engineering calculations used by engineering teams on a consistent basis with several crossings-specific modules in the Pipeline Toolbox.
  • Automated iteration of wheel and track load analysis capable of addressing multiple vehicles crossing over multiple pipelines with the Crossings Workflow.
  • Advanced HDD tools for borehole stability, pipe pull-through, cables in conduits, and more with the HDD PowerTool.
  • A dedicated tool for encroachments that centralizes all their associated calculations and reports into one indexed repository with the Encroachment Manager.
  • All tools are GIS integrated to provide visual representations of pipeline assets and automated elevation import.
  • Automated report generation with a click of a button to fulfill TVC (traceable, verifiable, complete) documentation.
  • A centralized data repository for pipeline assets and reports.

HDD PowerTool Success Stories

Download our HDD PowerTool success story eBook in the words of the engineers, operators, and service providers that use this remarkable software. This eBook of case studies testifies to the experiences of HDD PowerTool software customers. We asked a variety of industry players about how they work with HDDPT and we’re excited to share what they say about it. Read for yourself about their experiences with this powerful design tool for planning horizontal directional drill paths.

Download the eBook to read how:

  • Pipeline engineers get more productivity from drill path design 
  • Asset owners and contractors find assurance in design validation
  • Operators avoid excessive costs and maximize profitability
  • HDDPT serves users’ financial, managerial, and design perspectives
  • And much more!

What Our Customers Say About the Crossings Suite

Saenz Oil & Gas Services depends on solutions from Technical Toolboxes to deliver accurate and crossing calculations. The company specializes in making encroachment and crossing determinations that minimize the risks. They help pipeline operators be good neighbors that support economic growth and development in their communities.

“We were able to quickly determine if it would be safe by running the analysis and printing out a report of the results.”

Saenz Oil & Gas

“While some larger projects are subcontracted, the software suite allows [them] to retain a level of control and collaboration that creates a system of checks and balances that ultimately avoids mistakes and leads to improvements in the validation process.”

Pipeline Operator

“When our group in one city wanted to reference a drill that was done in another city or by another person, the application suite allowed this with ease.” The interviewee also mentioned that his company was able to design and iterate successfully in a manner that was impossible with other industry tools. He said that this tool is built with editions and customization in mind for both steel and polyethylene pipe applications. Therefore, instead of spending time in unbillable hours, the organization can focus on making the necessary adjustments in a more efficient way than with any other software system.

Pipeline Operator

The company stated that they have five different groups, each using distinct methodologies. One of the groups used the HDD PowerTool, while the others used Microsoft Excel and other industry tools. Technical Toolboxes helped standardize all this, creating a cross-company implementation that allowed and promoted collaboration within the software.

Engineering Service Provider

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