Integrity and Risk Management Engineers


Integrity and Risk Management Engineers

As the name suggests, integrity engineers bear great responsibilities. They deal with risk management including the corrosion and other threats in the pipeline lifecycle. Technical Toolboxes delivers accurate pipeline encroachment, corrosion, remaining strength, remaining life, and other calculations with exceptional speed and reliability.

The Technical Toolboxes software solution helps integrity engineers determine pipeline conditions and maintain the highest levels of quality, productivity, and safety.

Integrity Management Challenges

Solutions by Role

Corrosion Analyses

Repeating calculations or changed parameters lead to duplicated workloads and long delays.

Pipeline Toolbox, PRCI AC Mitigation Toolbox and PRCI RSTRENG+® deliver resilient materials performance throughout the pipeline lifecycle.

Data Automation

Low-quality data and calculation errors add risk and increase your QC workload.

Technical Toolboxes automates quality controls, unifies data storage, and controls calculation parameters so you can deliver accurate results consistently.

Failed Audits

Disorganized data storage and poor record-keeping lead to audit citations.

The HUBPL gathers data in one structured database library, so you can find data and analysis history quickly, to deliver answers consistently and respond to regulators rapidly.

Responding to Events

Documenting leaks and accidents for investigating agencies halts operations as you scramble to track down data.

With Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) and Pipeline Toolbox, you can recall the key asset data and history and report the same day.

Knowledge Retention

Retiring and transferring employees take their valuable operational knowledge with them.

Technical Toolboxes helps you retain important information about the design, construction, operation, and integrity management, independent of any individual employee, making onboarding new employees easier.

Pipeline Integrity

Defective welding or corrosion leads to excessive risk and pipeline replacement costs.

Technical Toolboxes offers powerful welding and corrosion analysis tools, with Pipeline Toolbox and PRCI solutions, such as Hot Tap Toolbox and RSTRENG+®.

The Integrity Management Engineering Solution

Technical Toolboxes dramatically reduces the time spent on data entry and the risk of error associated with spreadsheet reporting, so integrity engineers can make high-trust corrosion and other threat vector determinations that maximize the remaining pipeline life and dictate when replacements are needed.

Technical Toolboxes’ integrated platform, the HUBPL, is an intuitive, fast solution to growing industry challenges for integrity engineers. While other solutions may take days or even weeks to yield results when our tools can deliver results in minutes, or hours; solutions offered by Technical Toolboxes are created by pipeline engineers for pipeline engineers.


The Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) brings together powerful corrosion engineering tools on one platform. Applications like PRCI AC Mitigation PowerTools and RSTRENG+®, as well as the integrity features contained in Pipeline Toolbox and Ad-Hoc tools, can now work together in one platform

Pipeline Toolbox provides calculation tools for corrosion and integrity management. Technical Toolboxes is also an authorized agent of PRCI RSTRENG® and AC-Mitigation Toolbox.  Together, the HUBPL delivers calculations to determine volume metal loss due to corrosion, mitigation designs, remaining life and reassessment intervals in your pipeline.

Yes. With the GIS integration offered by Technical Toolboxes, the three types of mitigation in the mitigation design portion of PRCI’s AC-Mitigation Toolbox are shown on the map. If all three, or only two, are used for a section, each will be displayed. You have a map of the affected areas and you can select pipe sections in your network for individual analysis.

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