An uninterrupted commitment to flexibility and support

Technical Toolboxes developed the Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) as a fully integrated data platform to integrate pipeline data and facilitate customers’ technical work in order to move in step with pipeline operators’ needs. Now, we’re moving in step with the work life changes that have been brought about by the global pandemic. In short, Technical Toolboxes wants to ensure that every one of our clients feels that the level of 1:1 support, training and on-boarding that they are accustomed to receiving from our team has not changed at all during these unprecedented times.

The new and improved version 20 of the HUBPL paves the way for automating data integration and analyses to reveal advanced insights into design and operational fitness of pipeline infrastructure, connecting engineering standards and tools to users’ data across the pipeline lifecycle. The HUBPL continues to support core software products such as the Pipeline Toolbox, RSTRENG, AC-Mitigation, HDD, and other solutions while integrating the IP of stakeholders, to create a more holistic midstream platform, paired with automation to improve the user experience in engineering workflows. Now, as users across the world are increasingly working with the HUBPL remotely and in isolation, Technical Toolboxes is focused on making sure that all our end users and stakeholders are able to get up to speed on how to navigate the platform’s new and unique interface safely from the comfort of their own homes.
Our goal over the next weeks and months is for a dedicated Technical Toolboxes Engineering Performance Advisor to establish virtual contact with each and every client to host 1:1 on-boarding, training and education sessions for the new v20 of the HUBPL so that using the new version of the platform will soon become as intuitive as using the previous versions of the platform. Topics covered include: the different between v19 and v20; enhancements; capabilities including cloud connectivity; and Q&As. The sessions will be arranged by Technical Toolboxes and held via WebEx/GoToMeeting with follow-ups ensuring registration to the cloud and/or desktop version of v20 HUBPL.

Despite the fact that we’re living in the era of social distancing, Technical Toolboxes’ support team is more active and engaged with our clients than ever before right now – and we’re continuing to strive to offer you the seamless flexibility you need to keep your operations running smoothly in these extraordinary times.

Joseph Ladner
Engineeering Performance Advisor
Technical Toolboxes