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HDD Analysis for Plastic Pipes With The HDD PowerTool

HDD Analysis for Plastic Pipes Plastic versus steel, what are the differences and similarities? This video is a recording of a 2021 webinar event with industry expert David Willoughby on that topic. It’s a 1-hour discussion about the design considerations and differences needed to evaluate drilling scenarios with these uniquely different materials.

Mr. Willoughby has 40 years of experience in the industry and wrote the definitive textbook on the topic (HDD: Utility and Pipeline Applications, McGraw-Hill 2005). During the event, he drilled down on HDD design and materials and how they impact pipeline projects in practice. The emphasis was on plastic pipe, and you can find the webinar for HDD analysis of steel pipe with Mr. Willoughby linked here.

As an HDD engineer today, you are likely to be confronted by the differences between them. So, a strong understanding of how plastic compares and contrasts with steel is vital. If your skillset relates to pipeline engineering or you conduct HDD analysis for plastic pipes with the HDD PowerTool, this webinar is the perfect opportunity to learn about it from a leading expert.

The webinar is a worthwhile discussion in which you can gather nearly as much from that discussion as the audience during the live event. During the event, attendees had the chance to contribute their opinions and ask questions. They participated in a live opinion poll, where they answered a couple of specific questions about their experiences. Stay to the end of the recording to hear the most popular questions answered by Mr. Willoughby and the Technical Toolboxes team. 

Watch the recorded webinar for a wealth of knowledge about:

  • Analyzing your design’s loads and operating stresses along the HDD path
  • Defining the bore path for the crossing
  • Calculations for stresses in curved pipe sections
  • Operational pipeline considerations and the stresses on in-service pipelines
  • Answers to questions, opinions, and insights