Remote collaboration is becoming increasingly necessary, and may even become the norm in the future. During this period, when many companies are finding their feet in adapting to this sudden change within their organizations, Technical Toolboxes has expedited the offering of Quarterly Performance Reviews. Held virtually, these reviews are designed to enable Technical Toolboxes to engage with end users and stakeholders and their C-Suite, IT groups, management and directors to provide the opportunity to sound out and discuss a range of various design, construction, and operational challenges while also providing potential solutions. Reviews consist of gathering feedback from end-users, improving user experience, incorporating feedback to development of new capabilities and educating on new workflows/enhancements available within the HUBPL.

With common issues ranging from collaboration problems amongst engineers and colleagues to a lack in standardization amongst groups within an organization, by hearing what our clients’ challenges are, Technical Toolboxes is better positioned to evolve and adapt to address them. One of the major software features Technical Toolboxes has rolled out as a result of these types of consultations is a collaboration function within our hierarchy navigation panel in the Pipeline Toolbox. This collaborative tool will be highly valuable no matter what era we find ourselves working in, as it will allow for an enhanced level of standardization where engineers and stakeholders can share their work, quickly being able to review cases or calculations they’ve made without having to make contact with others to request the information. Furthermore, this allows multiple users to QC data, along with creating efficiencies to quickly find historical data/cases to accelerate project schedules. This focus on building enhancements in collaboration, share-ability and engagement in solving operational challenges was important before the pandemic arrived, and will be just as relevant after it’s subsided.

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