The Pipeline HUB


Pipeline Hub (HUBPL) Overview

As the industry embraces digital transformation, our legacy applications are evolving from manual calculators into sophisticated, integrated holistic analysis tools.

Pipeline Hub (HUBPL) represents a turning point in Technical Toolboxes’ mission to enable clients to

  • reduce risk
  • advance project schedules
  • increase profitability

 This new platform paves the way for automating integration and analyses to reveal advanced insights into the design and operational fitness/status of assets and infrastructure.

For over 20 years, Technical Toolboxes has been a leading software provider supporting midstream engineering needs. Products such as Pipeline Toolbox, PRCI RSTRENG®, PRCI AC Mitigation Toolbox, and others have become an industry standard for daily engineering analysis and are used by over 400 leading midstream operators and service providers. 

These applications and more have been integrated into the new HUBPL platform.

The HUBPL continues to support the core software products the industry knows, along with additional enhancements to improve the user experience in engineering analysis. The HUBPL connects our library of engineering standards and tools to your data across the pipeline lifecycle.

Integrated maps further streamline engineering resources, leveraging existing pipeline data sets and providing efficiency gains and additional use cases of legacy standard tools.

Engineering Workflow Challenges

Workload Reduction

Teams have a tendency to be siloed and do not know if a data set, or analysis, is already available.

The Pipeline HUB can reduce duplication of effort in data mining, data entry, and performing engineering analyses.

Data Automation

Low-quality data and calculation errors add risk and increase your QC workload.

Technical Toolboxes automates quality controls, unifies data storage, and controls calculation parameters so you can deliver accurate results consistently.

Failed Audits

Disorganized data storage and poor record-keeping lead to audit citations.

The HUBPL gathers data in one structured database library, so you can find data and analysis history quickly, to deliver answers consistently and respond to regulators rapidly.

Solutions by Role

Responding to Events

Documenting leaks and accidents for investigating agencies halts operations as you scramble to track down data.

With Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) and Pipeline Toolbox, you can recall the key asset data and analysis history and report the same day.

Data Storage

You spend days and weeks gathering critical information from disparate sources.

With Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) and Pipeline Toolbox, you upload data into your pipeline library and it becomes available to all your authorized users.

Encroachment Analyses

Poor data retention or changed wheel and track parameters can multiply workloads and delay decisions.

With Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) and Pipeline Toolbox, you have data at your fingertips, so you can quickly update decisions and terms based on changing field conditions.

Integrating Midstream Data with Pipeline HUB

Now with the latest release of Technical Toolboxes, HUBPL connects your asset and project data to our library of engineering tools and industry standards.

Overlay pipelines on map images with a geospatial mapping add-on. Combine the apps you need on one platform. Tools that have been fundamental to pipeline engineering but only available individually are now on one screen, sharing data and accelerating outcomes.

The collaborative environment capability can bridge communication gaps within teams.


The Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) integrates many industry-standard tools plus GIS information on a single dashboard with a navigation panel and workflow automation.

You can link cases to pipes, valves, tanks, rotating equipment, or other entities, aiding in filtering/searching for analysis results.  You create custom hierarchies based on the use cases that matter to you and your team.

In addition to helping you find cases faster, selecting a pipe in the hierarchy enables multiple analyses to simultaneously auto-populate with relevant values and the map to auto-zoom/pan to the pipe of interest.  This minimizes the time spent searching for input values, typing them in over and over, and reduces the potential for typos, enabling you to spend less time on QC and more time on engineering.

Technical Toolboxes software was developed by pipeline engineers for pipeline engineers and spans many portions of the pipeline lifecycle for both gas and liquid service, including design, construction, operations, and integrity.  Examples include:

  • Hydraulics
  • Pipeline Design and Analysis
  • Pipeline Encroachments
  • Pipeline Testing
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Pipeline Corrosion
  • Facilities
  • Remaining Life & Reassessment Intervals
  • API 510, 570, 653 Inspections
  • AC Mitigation
  • Hot Tapping and Welding Inspection

Our cloud software offers the convenience and ease of web-based access, along with automatic updates without manual syncing. It can facilitate easy collaboration between users and has a hassle-free installation. For those preferring an offline option, our desktop software version will keep your information secure while providing reliable local access – though it lacks the swift Wiki support typically associated with its cloud counterpart.

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