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Crossings Workflow ROI Guide

Crossings Workflow ROI, or return on investment, measures how effective and efficient your employment of working capital for pipeline engineering, crossings analysis, and the software that supports its practicality. Crossings calculations and approvals strain even the most well-resourced engineering team. As an engineer or stakeholder in the process, you’re always looking to increase your efficiency, improve your uptime, reduce your risks, and lower your costs. But what does that mean in practice? 

Technical Toolboxes presents the Crossings Workflow ROI Guide to provide an authoritative answer to that question. This informative eBook delves into the details of analyzing crossings requests and addresses the relationship between engineering workloads and return on investment. It explores and explains the factors in calculating ROI for crossings and how risk management factors into consideration.

The Crossings Workflow ROI Guide highlights the sources of value from several practical levels. It explains how engineering tools in crossings analysis leverage your working capital and provides examples of real-world investment returns. Additionally, the guide offers some surprising insights into where the value of engineering productivity lies for this task. 

If your team or engineering service responds to requests to cross your organization’s pipelines or encroach on them within the right of way, you need the engineering tools to respond in a timely and efficient manner. As such, you are always looking to increase efficiency, improve uptime, reduce risks, and lower costs. Download the guide and use it to make the investment case today. 

Download the eBook to read about:

  • The key points that reveal return on investment in crossings calculations
  • The most common simplifying assumptions and how they impact risk in crossings calculations
  • Considerations relating to contingencies and safety, including costly incidents and fines 
  • How optimizing ROI redirects working capital to serve your team better
  • And much more!