Course Instructor

Robert Barbeauld

Mr. Barbeauld is a Principal Engineer within the Integrity Solutions group for the Pipeline Services Department of DNV in Columbus, Ohio. Before joining DNV, he spent more than 30 years at Colonial Pipeline Company. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute for Technology in 1985.

Mr. Barbeauld retired from Colonial Pipeline Company as Vice President of Technical Services. During his time at the company, he held positions in the Engineering Department, led a Projects group responsible for integrity management and pipeline maintenance, served as an Engineering Manager on a pipeline expansion project and a major multiple facility retrofit projects, led the Engineering department, served in Operations in both Management and Leadership levels, and led the Technical Services department.

During his career, Mr. Barbeauld had the opportunity to plan, conduct, and evaluate multiple hydrostatic pressure tests of pipelines and facility piping. He also played a key role in evaluating and documenting all existing hydrostatic pressure test records for all Colonial’s pipelines to provide the necessary MAOP validation.

Since joining DNV, Mr. Barbeauld has participated in Integrity Management Plan updates/modifications for both liquid and gas pipeline operators. He has assisted in a regulatory review of pipeline and facility conversion projects. The objective was to review and revise Engineering Standards and specifications and review and determine regulatory compliance for potential pipeline acquisitions. He also serves as an operational and technical resource to DNV’s litigation support team.

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