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The Industry Standard for Pipeline Engineering Calculations for Over 20 Years

Success Stories: How to Manage 1000’s Encroachments Per Year

Pipelines are a long-establish feature of the landscape, but the industry has to respond to a changing world. Established pipelines move products under high pressure just below the surface. The lumbering heavy equipment of encroaching construction projects, road-building, and railways pose significant threats to pipelines.

Saenz Oil & Gas Services depends on solutions from Technical Toolboxes to deliver accurate and crossing calculations. The company specializes in making encroachment and crossing determinations that minimize the risks. They help pipeline operators be good neighbors that support economic growth and development in their communities. This eBook illustrates how Saenz Oil & Gas Services deploys Technical Toolboxes solutions in the real world. We are excited to share their experiences with you!

Saenz Oil and Gas Case Study

In it, you will read about:

  • Which tools Saenz Oil depends on to deliver accurate analyses
  • Find out why their clients look to them for encroachment answers
  • Why their services are in demand
  • Which modules do they use to expedite crossing decisions
  • How new construction impacts pipelines generally