Five Experts Share Their Knowledge in a Q&A Session with Pipeline and Gas Journal

Houston, TX – 03/15/2018

“It was sometime in late 1968 when I started doing corrosion control activities. Once I received my first certification and progressed to a NACE corrosion specialist and CP specialist, I knew this was the path I wanted my career to follow for the rest of my life,”  Joseph Pikas, Vice-President, Pipeline Integrity and Corrosion Engineering Services Technical Toolboxes.

This year, NACE celebrates its 75th anniversary. To mark the event and celebrate the association’s ongoing dedication to oil and gas pipeline corrosion control, five experts shared their knowledge of the industry in a question and answer session with Pipeline and Gas Journal’s, Managing Editor – Materials Performance, Gretchen Jacobson. One of those experts was Technical Toolboxes’ very own Joseph Pikas.

The experts share their views on the most important advancements for controlling corrosion and predictions for the future of pipeline corrosion control.