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The Hot Tap Welding Concepts Webinar Video Recording

The Hot Tap Welding Concepts Webinar is the video recording from the webinar held on September 16th, 2020, hosted by Technical Toolboxes. The topic is hot tap and in-service welding for pipeline engineers. The event was part of the on-going series of free webinars conducted by Technical Toolboxes. The video recording is an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and polish up your toolbox of knowledge.

In this 1-hour recording, welding expert Matthew Boring conducts a technical talk on the subject of Hot Tap and In-Service Welding for Pipeline Engineers. Mr. Boring is a thought leader with a prolific career in pipeline construction. He’s an esteemed member and officer in several API committees and authored welding qualification codes for the oil and gas industry. Additionally, he consults for DNV GL and instructs many of the professional development courses offered by Technical Toolboxes.

As part of our mission to provide thought leadership, Technical Toolboxes hosts live webinars regularly. These events cover diverse topics relating to the industry. For example, popular events have included blasting in the right-of-way, API inspection reporting, HDD, and of course, Hot Tap and In-service Welding. The free webinars offer a taste of the online professional development courses with which we support the industry.

The Hot Tap Welding Concepts Webinar Video RecordingThe Hot Tap Welding Concepts Webinar Discusses:

  • Avoiding blow-out or burn-through
  • Pipeline integrity in the face of hydrogen cracking
  • How wall-thickness, heat input, and operating affect burn-through
  • How material microstructure influences cracking
  • And much more!