The Journey From Jack Bore to HDD

As printed in World Pipelines
By Drew Lafleur, CEO Technical Toolboxes & Joe Pikas, Corrosion Specialist, Technical Toolboxes

In this PDF download of the article in World Pipelines, Joe Pikas and Drew Lafleur reflect on advancements from Jack Bore to HDD construction methods and how to maintain pipeline integrity for the long term.

The Journey From Jack Bore to HDD goes in-depth on how horizontal directional drilling (HDD) developed. It tells the story of one of the authors’ early experiences crossing natural gas pipelines under road and rail obstacles before HDD was a practical alternative.

The discussion compares and contrasts Jack Bore and HDD methodologies, explaining the advantages of each. It tells of pipeline engineering experiences in the field and how the midstream sector has transformed across the past five decades. Download the article for a fascinating read.


Linked PDF file. Click on the link to download the article.

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