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The Pipeline Toolbox Guide to Increasing ROI

You’ve heard how Pipeline Toolbox (PLTB) from Technical Toolboxes provides solutions that cut costs, increase productivity, and reduce risk. Now, you can take your most persuasive case to the financial decision-makers, with a guide that presents the benefits in ways they’ll appreciate. If you’re a current user enjoying PLTB v19 or older, you may be surprised by what the latest version of the Pipeline HUB offers you. You’ll find out why it’s worth implementing or upgrading PLTB v20 for your company. It explains the benefits to pipeline engineers in a way that CFOs understand. 

The Pipeline Toolbox Return on Investment Guide explains how you might not believe the savings you can achieve. The guide gives you real-world numbers and facts to demonstrate the tremendous potential for improving company ROI. Use it to learn more about the capabilities of PLTB v20, or present it to get approval for taking the next step. Download this informative FREE guide to find out the facts that will make the case for you.

Download the Free eBook to read about:

  • How PLTB delivers substantial risk reduction for projects
  • The role of automation and the assurances it offers your engineers
  • Why the latest version of PLTB adds more ROI to the pipeline lifecycle
  • How PLTB facilitates collaboration and why you want that
  • Why you can redeploy engineers to impact ROI positively
  • What it means for ROI when you finish projects faster
  • Find out just how high your savings can be and much more