It goes without saying that the current pandemic situation has upended many of our usual work styles and daily routines. An outcome of this is that for many of us, time for self-reflection and self-improvement has opened up. Technical Toolboxes believes that we can use this time to focus on the bigger picture of improving business and engineering performance by conducting company ‘health checks.’ This is why we’re engaged in reaching out to clients to gather a wealth of feedback.

Several new workflows modules and PowerTools have been rolled out, which are automotive workflows that help end-users save time, accelerate project schedules, reduce risk, and lower CapEx/OpEx for all aspects of the pipeline life cycle. Technical Toolboxes and our Engineering Performance Advisors are introducing this to stakeholders over the next several weeks and months. We are asking our clients questions such as, “What would you like to see come out of this rollout?” “What would help you?” and “What do you like that we could expand on?” Of course, instead of conducting these sessions within a traditional classroom setting, we’ve adapted to doing it virtually.

“How can we get better?” is a question that Technical Toolboxes aims to help our clients answer during this period of relative interruption. Our goal is to accelerate the production of our Buyers’ Guides, working towards a weekly distribution that will address a range of different topics ranging from how Technical Toolboxes’ applications can help them to insights into the industry as a whole and how project schedules can be accelerated, reducing time and saving money. Now is the time when many organizations may look towards cutting costs, but should not consider cutting corners, our Buyers’ Guides will help end users, stakeholders, managers, IT groups, and executives self-reflect on how to improve their business for the future that lies beyond these current exceptional times.

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