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AC Mitigation Webinar for Corrosion and Integrity Management

On January 27th, 2021, Technical Toolboxes hosted a fascinating live chat in this AC Mitigation webinar with a Subject Matter Expert. Senior Pipeline Engineer Joe Pikas shared his extensive knowledge, gained through more than 50 years in the industry. He provided a high-level overview of how to extend your pipelines’ productive lifecycles through AC Mitigation. Joe also shared stories of personal experience of right-of-ways and how the projects he worked on progressed.

Many of the right-of-ways that pipelines follow across the land also serve high-voltage power lines. The electromagnetic fields produced by high-voltage AC lines cause and accelerate corrosion in steel pipes. Engineers can make a meaningful difference in the fight against the influence of powerlines on the corrosion environment. It is a challenge where the right investment in design and construction will ensure your pipeline assets’ fullest productive life. 

Watch the AC Mitigation webinar’s recording and learn from one of the leading voices of experience in pipeline integrity management. He discusses the software and relates stories from his experience in the industry. Toward the end, he answers questions from the audience during an intensive Q&A session. Watch it to the end to get the full benefit of the experience!

As part of our mission to provide thought leadership, Technical Toolboxes hosts live webinars regularly. These events cover diverse topics relating to the industry. For example, popular events have included blasting in the right-of-way, API inspection reporting, HDD, Hot Tap and In-service Welding, and of course, the AC Mitigation Webinar for Corrosion and Integrity Management. The free webinars offer a taste of the online professional development courses with which we support the industry.

Watch and learn as the Expert speaks about:

  • The consequences of not modeling the impact of the EM environment
  • The most effective approaches to the engineering calculations
  • Some of the tools to address AC mitigation
  • Real-world cases and the impact on pipeline operators
  • And much more!