Ancient Roman Construction and Modern Pipeline Work
As printed in Underground Construction
By Joe Pikas, Senior Pipeline Engineer and Construction Specialist, Technical Toolboxes

Joe Pikas wrote this fascinating article for the November 2021 issue of Underground Construction Magazine, which we have reprinted as a PDF download here, with their kind permission. The article discusses the similarities of pipeline engineering through the ages, referencing construction practices from ancient Rome to today.

Mr. Pikas draws upon his wealth of knowledge about constructing pipelines to compare and contrast today with antiquity. Interestingly, he notes where documentation and records are available and where less so. It turns out, practices regarding recordkeeping and case histories yield lessons that we can learn from the past. However, today we have tools that would be beyond the understanding of those who employed ancient roman construction methods in the mists of history.


Linked PDF file. Click on the link to download the article.

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