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Energy Trends and the Data-Driven Future Webinar Recording

Energy Trends and the Data-Driven Future Webinar presents a fascinating discussion about the global oil and gas industry and energy trends generally. It delves into how industry leaders can respond to stay competitive and profitable. The recording was of a 1-hour live webinar in May of 2022. Technical Toolboxes CEO Drew Lafleur and PRCI VP of Operations Gary Hines spoke at length about current market trends, changes underway for emerging organizations and leaders, and how Technical Toolboxes is leading the way. 

Joseph Ladner from Technical Toolboxes MCed the discussion giving an initial overview of the trends. He conducted polls of the audience and led the Q&A session. The SMEs likely answered many of your industry-related questions during the Q&A discussion. Digital Oilfield is now becoming a reality through the Integrated Data Environment for oil and gas industry thought leaders and important industry organizations such as the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI). Gary Hines spoke at length about the PRCI perspective, the organization’s vision and mission, and how they see trends unfolding going forward.

Drew Lafleur talked about how Technical Toolboxes helps companies meet industry challenges through Digital Transformation and how pipeline engineering software bundles that leverage the Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) will help operators and service providers face future challenges. You can get many of the same benefits as those who attended by watching this recorded webinar on the linked YouTube video. If you were notified but found that you could not attend, the recording gives you much of the convenience of accessing the information on your time. Watch and listen to the recording to hear about benchmarks for engineering excellence and how engineers can spend more time engineering better outcomes.

The event answered many essential questions about:

  • What is the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) perspective on the trends
  • Where the challenges lie in energy operations
  • How Technical Toolboxes delivers solutions to address the future trends
  • Why Digital Transformation matters in Energy