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HDDPT Overview Infographic for Horizontal Directional Drilling

The HDDPT Overview Infographic for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) maps out the elements and benefits of the Horizontal Directional Drilling PowerTool (HDDPT) from Technical Toolboxes. Perhaps you are curious about what goes into HDD design and operation. You may have heard that HDDPT is a versatile application that does it all.

If your organization manages or contracts out high-value horizontal directional drilling projects,, the HDDPT Overview Infographic shows the capabilities provided by Technical Toolboxes for borehole designers and drillers. The infographic lays it out in an informative and colorful. You will see a comprehensive overview of HDDPT capabilities. Download the PDF to see what it could mean for your HDD projects.

The application in focus here, the HDD PowerTool, is a versatile suite of tools that does it all.  The infographic is your reference to what you can achieve. It explains how HDDPT delivers calculations for steel and plastic pipes and cables in conduits. You can do all of this and more with the software, and the infographic gives you a comprehensive overview of its capabilities. 

The PDF download lays out all aspects of the process in a colorful visual format. The modules of the HDDPT leverages data via the Pipeline HUB to provide a broad range of benefits to HDD designers and operators. The infographic includes A full-page visualization of how the software merges design considerations, what to monitor, and the impact on operational control. 

The overview shows the HDDPT benefits to:

  • Plan drill paths and analyze excavation complexity
  • Determine pull force loads and borehole stability
  • Supervise mud management and prevent frac out
  • How it assists in borehole design and drill path planning
  • Calculating pull force installation and stress analysis
  • Data leveraging via the Pipeline HUB and GIS integration
  • Steel, PE, and cable in conduit stress analysis