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As all pipeline engineers know, hot-tapping or welding onto in-service pipelines is an essential but high-risk operation. The key concerns are worker safety and the ongoing integrity of pipelines after welding is complete. Hydrocarbons in the pipe can escape or ignite during the procedure, injuring welders.  Afterward, welded areas may be weakened by hydrogen cracking in the heat-affected zones. You need to address the challenges of hot-tapping with accurate calculations that minimize the risk associated with the process. Technical Toolboxes is an authorized agent for PRCI Hot Tap Toolbox (HTTB), the industry-leading solution that calculates how to drill or weld onto pressurized, live pipelines efficiently and safely.

Specific Midstream Welding Challenges

Pipeline Integrity

Corrosion leads to excessive risk and pipeline replacement costs.

Technical Toolboxes offers powerful welding and corrosion analysis tools, with Pipeline Toolbox and PRCI solutions, such as Hot-Tap Toolbox.

Knowledge Retention

Retiring and transferring employees take their valuable operational knowledge with them.

Technical Toolboxes helps you retain important information about the design, construction, operation, and integrity management, independent of any individual employee, making onboarding new employees easier.

Solutions by Role

Inaccurate Welding Models

Inaccurate cooling rate calculations lead to failures in heat-affected zones.

With PRCI Hot-Tap Toolbox, your calculations match the reality of your materials. The model allows hydrogen cracking risk to be controlled by limiting weld-cooling rates.

Regulations and Best Practices

How do you navigate the regulations and rules without getting lost in the maze?

The model was designed and developed to meet the requirements of API 1104, API 1107, ASME Section IX, BS4515, BS6990, and CSA Z662.

PRCI Hot-Tap Toolbox

The PRCI Thermal Analysis Model for Hot-Tap Welding, also known as PRCI Hot-Tap Toolbox (HTTB), is a stand-alone application that uses Edison Welding Institute’s proprietary finite-element solver. Mesh generation capabilities include sleeve, branch, and bead-on pipe geometries, the latter for buttering layers and weld deposition repairs. Heat-sink capacity values can also be predicted for comparison with field measured values. The multi-document user interface (MDI) allows multiple cases to be run and heat input selection curves to be generated.

The PRCI Hot Tap Toolbox Overview Infographic

PRCI Hot Tap Toolbox Overview shows you how and why Hot Tap and in-service welding are indispensable analytical tools for pipeline networks. The infographic gives you the big picture of the value in this software package.

PRCI Hot Tap Toolbox (HTTB) is the solution that analyzes how to weld on pipelines full of highly combustible gas or liquid products safely and efficiently. Download this FREE infographic guide for the big picture of the interrelated HTTB features and benefits to pipeline welding and thermal analysis.

Download the overview to find out:

  • What HTTB does
  • How HTTB does it
  • The benefits of analysis with HTTB
  • What the HTTB package includes


PRCI’s Hot-Tap Toolbox allows burn through risk to be controlled by limiting inside surface temperature and hydrogen cracking risk to be controlled by limiting weld-cooling rates mitigates the burn-through and hydrogen-cracking risks associated with heat-affected zones.

Edison Welding Institute’s proprietary finite-element solver implemented in HTTB and was validated by comparing model predictions to experimental data generated during a PRCI-sponsored program and to the Battelle model.

The model was designed and developed to meet the requirements of API 1104, API 1107, ASME Section IX, BS4515, BS6990 and CSA Z662.

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