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The Cloud and other software technology innovations are impacting engineering desktop applications.

Technical Toolboxes, supplier of pipeline engineering software, recently released the Pipeline HUB (HUBPL), which the company says furthers integration of pipeline data while facilitating users’ technical work. The HUBPL is being deployed as a desktop and cloud-based offering.

The platform automates integration and analyses for insights into infrastructure design and operational fitness. It connects a library of engineering standards and tools to users’ data across a pipeline lifecycle. Integrated maps allow geospatial analysis, visual reconnaissance of existing databases and leveraging of disparate geographical information systems (GIS) data components.

When the solution was first introduced, Drew Lafleur, CTO, Technical Toolboxes, said, “As the industry embraces digital transformation, our legacy applications are evolving from manual calculators into sophisticated, integrated holistic analysis tools. This will enable users to make efficient, accurate decisions.”

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