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The PRCI On Bottom Stability Software Return on Investment Guide

The PRCI On Bottom Stability Software Return on Investment is for a FREE guide from Technical Toolboxes. To read it, download the eBook and learn how the software reduces risk. Additionally, it may protect your business by saving many millions of dollars in CapEx and OpEx. The Guide is a must for any organization or engineering professional involved in moving liquid or gas products underwater.

To create this guide, PRCI surveyed industry experts on behalf of Technical Toolboxes. To solicit opinions, the questionnaire inquired about the financial aspects of their experiences with subsea pipeline design. In return, the answers that came in were informative and insightful. The survey exposed the depth and breadth of the risks and costs that pipeline engineers face in designing for on-bottom stability. 

Download the FREE ebook to read about:

  • The new features in OBS v.4 and benefits
  • How design errors impact multi-million-dollar assets
  • At what point CapEx and OpEx outweigh reserves 
  • Why software choice is critical to profitability
  • The PRCI OBS software ROI for engineers and asset owners
  • And much more!