Houston, TX – 02/26/2019 Technical Toolboxes, the leading global provider of desktop and cloud-based pipeline engineering software, as well as industry training for pipeline engineering and technical professionals, has released the Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) to integrate pipeline data and better facilitate customers’ technical work.

This new platform paves the way for automating integration and analyses to reveal advanced insights into the design and operational fitness of infrastructure. The HUBPL connects Technical Toolboxes’ library of engineering standards and tools to users’ data across the pipeline lifecycle. Integrated maps enable critical geospatial analysis, provide for visual reconnaissance of existing databases and allow users to leverage disparate GIS data components. Overall, the user experience will be improved.

The HUBPL continues to support core software products such as the Pipeline Toolbox, RSTRENG, AC Mitigation, and Horizontal Directional Drilling, along with additional enhancements to improve the user experience in engineering analysis.

Drew Lafleur, chief technology officer, Technical Toolboxes, said, “As the industry embraces digital transformation, our legacy applications are evolving from manual calculators into sophisticated, integrated holistic analysis tools. The HUBPL represents a turning point in Technical Toolboxes’ product line and has been engineered to integrate solutions for design, construction, operations, and integrity. This will enable users to make more efficient and accurate decisions to ensure pipeline safety and improve their management of asset integrity. We are excited to introduce our new and improved platform for the pipeline industry.”

The HUBPL will be deployed as a desktop and as a web-based offering. Both applications are secure and will be accessible by designated individual users through role-based security.

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