Houston, TX – 05/17/2018 Technical Toolboxes, the leading global provider of integrated and cloud-based pipeline software, consulting and industry training for pipeline engineering and technical professionals, has released Version 19.0 of its flagship product, The Pipeline Toolbox.

Drew Lafleur, chief technology officer, Technical Toolboxes, said, “The Pipeline Toolbox has been the industry standard calculation and analysis tool for the design, construction, operations, and integrity of pipelines worldwide for more than 20 years. With its more than 230 unique pipeline-specific oil and gas applications and calculations, engineers, contractors, operators and inspectors have been able to design, build and maintain today’s pipelines and help deliver much-needed energy and petroleum products to our growing world.”

The Pipeline Toolbox V19 features a range of improved calculations and applications, which improve the user experience, along with an embedded new license manager that strengthens security and enables visibility of The Pipeline Toolbox utility to better service client needs and identify opportunities to grow functionality within their businesses.

“We are guiding customers on their migration to the new platform, where they will have access to the most up-to-date industry calculations and applications,” Lafleur continued. “The Pipeline Toolbox V19 will, in turn, drive the development of our next generation Digital Toolbox, where we will address much-needed data, application and workflow needs in our various pipeline businesses and drive the pipeline industry well into the 21st Century,” he concluded.