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Pipeline Toolbox Enterprise Edition

Today’s pipeline engineers must be able to access reliable data at a moment’s notice. Spreadsheet systems do not cut it at the corporate scale. Manual systems introduce the risk of human error into pipeline calculations, as data can be inadvertently changed by individual users. In-house solutions lack the capabilities and industry standards of dedicated solutions. Additionally, these systems take days or even weeks to calculate the data required for design, installation, or repair, or audit.

The Enterprise Edition of Pipeline Toolbox includes the applications for both gas and liquid pipelines. It is an industry-leading dedicated solution, ensuring that all engineers are seeing the same data and are able to make calculations at critical moments throughout all stages of the pipeline lifecycle. Gas-only and liquid-only versions are available.

Pipeline Engineering Challenges

SOP Alignment

Teams interpret SOPs differently, causing errors and duplicating workloads.

Pipeline Toolbox gives you a platform that integrates your databases and brings your operations into a unified set of Standard Operating Procedures.

Data Storage

You spend days and weeks gathering critical information from disparate sources.

With Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) and Pipeline Toolbox, you upload data into your pipeline library one time and it becomes available to all your authorized users.

Faster Crossing Decisions

Frequent third-party and pipeline-crossing requests burden engineering resources.

Technical Toolboxes has the digital tools you need to make go/no-go crossing decisions quickly with set terms and conditions you can trust.

Quality Assurance

Engineers spend many hours doing quality control work and data management.

Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) and Pipeline Toolbox automate the data upload and QC process, and it remains available to users until you remove it.

Data Automation

Low-quality data and calculation errors add risk and increase your QC workload.

Technical Toolboxes automates quality controls, unifies data storage, and controls calculation parameters so you deliver accurate results reliably and consistently.

Failed Audits

Disorganized data storage and poor record-keeping lead to audit citations.

Technical Toolboxes gathers data and analysis history in one structured database library, so you can find your data and adapt your calculations quickly to deliver answers consistently and rapidly.

Pipeline Toolbox from Technical Toolboxes

Fortune 500 oil and gas pipeline operators are some of the many supply chain service companies that rely on Pipeline Toolbox to enhance their pipeline engineering performance. With 230 applications, engineers using Pipeline Toolbox are able to solve many of the daily questions that arise in pipeline design, construction, operations, and integrity. Pipeline Toolbox is now integrated into the Pipeline HUB (HUBPL) platform. This paves the way for automating integration and analyses to reveal insights into the design and operational fitness of your assets and infrastructure solutions.


Pipeline Toolbox assists with proper selection of compressors, pump stations, meters, relief valves, and regulator stations in your facilities to assure reliable operating performance.

Pipeline Toolbox provides calculation tools for corrosion and integrity management. Design, Stress Analysis, Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, and Testing modules provide valuable and wide-ranging insights to asset integrity.

Pipeline Toolbox provides calculations to assess loads and stresses on buried pipes for both wheeled and tracked vehicles on pavement, rails, or bare earth. Crossings, blasting, washouts, and subsidence are evaluated to determine acceptable loads on pipeline assets and prevent overloading that could affect pipe integrity and prove costly to repair.

With the latest version, you can leverage infrastructure data contained in existing databases. You can reduce manual data entry, typos, and time spent data mining by having Pipeline Toolbox pre-populate inputs for you. The HUBPL connects our library of engineering standards and tools to your data across the pipeline lifecycle. Our platform recognizes PODS and UPDM data models to make integration simple while maintaining the flexibility to import custom data models.

Whether facing challenges with compliance, construction, maintenance, or the myriad of other day-to-day decisions that need to be made, the latest release from Technical Toolboxes has solutions for you. It integrates all of the pipeline tools plus GIS information on a single dashboard with a navigation panel and application canvases to increase your up-time, reduce risk, and lower operating costs.

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Case Study: How One Company Manages Pipeline Crossing Permissions

Download the free case study to find out how one customer uses Pipeline Toolbox. The Company manages how neighbors and can cross over oil and gas pipelines all across North America. By replacing an in-house system, they saved time and millions in capital, while liberating engineers for more urgent tasks.

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The Industry Standard for Pipeline Engineering Calculations for Over 20 Years

The Pipeline Engineering Solutions Buyers Guide for Oil and Gas Excellence

The Pipeline Engineering Solutions Buyers Guide gives you a higher-level understanding of the factors to consider in selecting your solution. In it, you’ll read about maximizing data integration benefits. Also, you’ll learn about solutions from Technical Toolboxes, like the Pipeline Toolbox (PLTB) from Technical Toolboxes.

With the latest data technology, anything that can be defined can be measured, analyzed, and improved. In preparation for this future, the Pipeline Engineering Solutions Buyers Guide outlines how to respond. Download this FREE eBook to find out how deploying your data in new ways gives you a competitive edge in turbulent times.

The Pipeline Engineering Solution Buyers Guide

Learning and Benefits:

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  • Learn how to improve ROI by transforming data management
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The Industry Standard for Pipeline Engineering Calculations for Over 20 Years