HOUSTON (Nov. 19th, 2021) – Technical Toolboxes, the leading global provider of desktop and cloud-based pipeline engineering software, was shortlisted for the Best Digital Transformation Award in this year’s Pipeline and Gas Journal (P&GJ) Awards in recognition of Technical Toolboxes’ Pipeline HUB (HUBPL).

Picture of Technical Toolboxes CEO Drew LaFleur

Technical Toolboxes CEO Drew LaFleur

The P&GJ Awards program honors the midstream industry’s leading innovations and outstanding personal contributions to the industry. Technical Toolboxes developed the HUBPL software product to increase midstream operators’ engineering productivity and profitability by creating communication paths between people, processes, multiple data sources, databases, and software applications, which have never ‘talked’ to each other before. The HUBPL has been engineered for automating integration and analyses to reveal advanced insights into design and operational fitness of infrastructure.

Drew Lafleur, chief executive officer, Technical Toolboxes, said, “As an awards finalist, we are receiving wide recognition for our technologically and scientifically advanced software products and the evolution of our legacy applications into sophisticated, integrated, holistic analysis tools such as the HUBPL. With the HUBPL, engineers can spend more time making innovative engineering decisions that improve the bottom line and less time searching for data, checking it, making incorrect assumptions, or duplicating efforts. Through harnessing the power of digital transformation, we have enabled automated workflows to save engineers as much as 75% of the time they spend running pipeline calculations and performing analyses.”

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