HDD PowerTool release has the following new capabilities

  • Drilling Fluids and Mud Management (Requirements)
  • Settlement and Frictional Pressure Loss
  • Allows for a Specific Radius of Curvature Method
  • Compound Angles
  • Installation of Cables and Conduits in Pipes
  • Hydraulic Fracture Analysis
  • More Sophisticated Design with Additional Sections
  • Integrated Map

The HDD PowerTool (HDD-PT) allows the engineer or user to design, construct, operate and perform multiple tasks for field or office applications. HDD-PT is perfectly designed for professional users involved in the design, engineering, and installation of pipelines and utilities by horizontal directional drilling. HDD-PT provides a means to generate actionable drill designs and/or check and analyze existing designs encountered in the field and provides a more accurate calculation of the real life stresses on a horizontal directional drill encountered in the field. The underlying mathematical models and technical procedures are based on the latest HDD technologies that are held within the HUBPL and integrated with ArcGIS. When unanticipated events occur during the boring operation, this tool can help troubleshoot to complete the project in a timely and safe manner.

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