HOUSTON (Jan 25, 2022) – Technical Toolboxes, the leading global provider of desktop and cloud-based pipeline engineering software, has launched the Encroachment Manager geared towards creating efficiency by reducing overhead engineering costs associated with managing encroachments occurring constantly and over many miles of active pipelines. It is a single source of encroachment data collection that can be accessed by authorized users company-wide.

Encroachment, whether in the form of movement of heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles or blasting and other construction activities within the restricted land along a pipeline path, is a common industry problem. Traditionally, neighbors make a formal request in advance for permission to encroach on, or cross, the pipeline, while engineers gather information about the risks involved and the data for each buried pipeline in the vicinity.

The Encroachment Manager brings digital transformation to encroachment analysis and management for pipeline engineers by combining with Technical Toolboxes’ integrated data environment, the Pipeline HUB (HUBPL), which compiles a TVC record of who did what, when, how long it took, and daily notes. Whether sending invoices, tracking time on capital projects, responding to auditors or lawsuits, all records and files are in one place, easily accessible to all authorized users. This can reduce response time by over 70%.

Drew Lafleur, chief executive officer, Technical Toolboxes, said, “Leveraging digital records and maps of pipelines as part of the digital transformation that is sweeping the industry, the Encroachment Manager in the HUBPL reduces risk, advances project schedules, and reduces operational expenses to generate more free cash. The dramatic time savings that can be realized by an engineering team enables them to spend more time resolving uncertainties and designing better outcomes.”

Alfredo Saenz, president of engineering services company Saenz Oil & Gas Services, which specializes in encroachment analysis and served as a strategic partner to Technical Toolboxes in the software development, said, “Performing a thorough encroachment analysis involves calculating the loads and stresses but also includes assessing the integrity of the pipe in question. As a result, automating data gathering, ensuing calculations, and compiling of detailed activity logs to support inquiries on invoicing and due diligence concerns can save huge amounts of expensive engineering time. Quite simply, the Encroachment Manager significantly increases profitability for pipeline operators and engineering service providers.”


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