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The HDD Stress Analysis Webinar for Pipeline Engineers

Technical Toolboxes presents the HDD Stress Analysis Webinar, a pipeline engineer event about Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) recorded on August 12th, 2020. Subject matter expert David Willoughby covers the technical concepts and critical factors in designing an HDD crossing. In this video, he drills down on HDD design and construction and its contribution to pipeline projects. The result is a fascinating webinar and the perfect opportunity to explore the engineering principles and concepts of HDD. Watch the webinar here and download the accompanying eBook of the event below.

Download the Accompanying eBook

In this eBook that accompanies the HDD Stress Analysis, you will find the schematics and calculations referenced by Mr. Willoughby in the webinar. As a leading expert, Mr. Willoughby has 40 years of experience in the industry and wrote the definitive textbook on the topic (HDD: Utility and Pipeline Applications, McGraw-Hill 2005). Technical Toolboxes is a leading provider of software applications for pipeline engineers, including a comprehensive set of tools for HDD path design, calculations, and mud management

As part of our mission to provide thought leadership, Technical Toolboxes hosts live webinars regularly. These events cover diverse topics relating to the industry. For example, popular events have included blasting in the right-of-way, hot tapping, HDD, and of course, API inspection. The free webinars offer a taste of the online professional development courses with which we support the industry.

Download the HDD Stress Analysis Webinar eBook and read about:The HDD Stress Analysis Webinar for Pipeline Engineers

  • Analyzing the loads and operating stresses on pipe materials in HDD
  • Defining the bore path for the crossing
  • Calculations for stresses in curved pipe sections
  • Operational pipeline considerations and the stresses on in-service pipelines
  • And much more!