ACPT Module release has the following new capabilities:

  • Fully integrated into the HUBPL, communicating with Pipeline Toolbox applications to improve CP mitigation designs.
  • Calculates arc, step, and touch potentials
  • Easier to use point and click technology for data loading and for sectioning
  • Integrated Map and ESRI Geospatial Analysis
  • Enhanced Reporting

The AC Mitigation PowerTool allows the engineer, designer or technician to assess extremely complex AC corridors with high voltage transmission lines and pipelines to be modeled for Steady State, Fault Current Density, and Mitigation Design in a very short time. This technology automates calculation and input of distances and angles for each analysis section, thereby dramatically reducing the time and effort required to model complex AC corridors.

This exemplifies our new focus, which is automating workflows in an effort to shift engineering time from repetitive manual tasks to spending more time making sound engineering decisions and designing better outcomes that reduce risk, accelerate project schedules, and decrease costs.  In a recent case study, one client analyzed over 30 high voltage transmission lines and pipelines to model multiple scenarios in minutes/hours versus days/weeks.

To find out more about how the AC Power Tool (ACPT) Module can improve your operations, contact us today at [email protected], or visit our Tools for AC Mitigation page.

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