Houston TX – 08/30/2018 Technical Toolboxes Limited (TTL) has entered into a partnership with the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI).  The newly formed relationship was created to support PRCI’s goal of increasing the knowledge transfer and distribution of software that is a direct result of PRCI research.

Technical Toolboxes is the leading global provider of integrated and cloud-based pipeline software, consulting and industry training for pipeline engineering and technical professionals.

Martin Fingerhut, president and CEO, Technical Toolboxes, said, “TTL and PRCI share many of the same industry relationships and synergy that is easily claimed, but more challenging to realize in practice. We are happy to make this partnership official.”

Beginning immediately, PRCI software products such as the On-bottom Stability SimulatorAC Mitigation ToolboxHot-Tap Toolbox, and RSTRENG can be purchased through TTL.

About PRCI

PRCI is a non-profit research organization that is comprised of energy pipeline operating companies located in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. Augmenting the pipeline membership are associate members drawn from companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and Australia that serve the industry as pipe and equipment manufacturers, service providers, and vendors. To learn more about PRCI, visit www.prci.org.